UOY VX Club Wins First V10 Game

On Saturday 21st February, UOY VX Club took the decision to play their very first V10 game against another club. This club was Easi-Rockits. One of the longest running clubs in the area, Easi have seen ups and downs in their history. Previously one of the best teams in the UK, sweeping all the trophies available, but now currently under rebuild after losing selected players as they went off to university. Even with this, the clubs team are regarded as one not to be under estimate. Their squad holds some of the most experienced players in the sport and with a good playing structure, they are not easy to get points against.

UOYVXC have been training all year within the V10 format, having grown in numbers and looking for a new challenge. Creating a strong core squad of 6 players, Head Coach Jack Brown made the arrangements for the test against Easi. On the day, UOY were down by one player giving them no subs and Easi turned up with a strong 6 player squad, including some guest stars within the sport. James Hasindihe (CEO VX Uganda) and Gerald Kanyesigye (Head Coach of the Ugandan National Squad). Both teams didn’t know what to expect of each other,  but all the more, both sides wanted to win.

Each side lined up for the start, Easi in their Blue and White HellDivers kit and UOY in classic Black, Team James tops. The balls were set up and the game began!

The game set a high pace right from the start, possession switching sides quickly throughout the first quarter. UOY quickly adapted to the oppositions game play and ended the quarter on a high as they took the lead. Looking rather tired, UOY set straight back up to the line ready for the second leg. With a more comfortable look on UOY faces, the whistle went and once again they were off. UOY using the same tactics again for the second quarter, showing a great tactic of splitting the team up into a pair and a 3. At the end of the second quarter UOY still held the lead but didn’t progress much further in difference. UOY look rather tired lined up again, Head Coach Jack gave a team talk, some stern advice from the looks of his facial expressions. The whistle went and the third quarter was off and Easi took control quickly! The whole quarter Easi had UOY on their back foot, there really was no display of attacking from UOY, poor decision making from the Head Coach to change the tactics. The quarter ended with only a 1 point difference now, but UOY still held the lead. A surprise, tired and highly motivated UOY lined up once more. Jack giving some of the players a right grilling. Out the players went again and what a final quarter. UOY giving everything they had. A few calls of penalties with challenges towards the ref, this quarter didn’t half heat up. Both sides looking strong and out to win but too close to call who would take the win at the time. The final whistle went. All the players shook hands and showed their respect for one another. It was one hell of a game. They all gathered round the ref to hear the final scores……..UOY had taken it by 3 points, what an achievement.

Head Coach Jack was over the moon with the game “The win today just shows how hard each of the players have trained this year, especially with most of the players on the team having only been playing the sport for a year or less. they all gave their best effort and came away with the result that most of us was unsure we would get. As their coach, I’m really proud of all the players and I’m over the moon with the result!!”

Vice President and player Orjan Holm had this to say “As the bad loser that I am, I’m glad that we won. Some of our players have only had 15 sessions, so this makes this quite a big achievement against such an experienced club as Easi-Rockits. My congratulations to our Head Coach Jack Brown, for being able to bring the team up to such a high standard in such a short time.”

Local Newspaper York Vision were present at the game and wrote their own match report, which is a must read! Read Here


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