Raiders Players Accepted onto England Programme

Recently three York Raiders players had been invited to attend one of the trial days for the England Training Programme. The day required them to participate in drills, fitness tests and skills/attitude assessments to evaluate them. Their display of great skills, tactical knowledge and outstanding attitude towards learning, has landed them this opportunity and acceptance onto this prestigious programme. Everyone at the club is delighted to see Chris, Kallan and Alex progress up the levels within the sport and hope their drive for the sport takes them even further.

The lads had this to say about their achievement and what being part of this programme will let them do:

“Being part of the England squad allows me to learn at an increased rate and play with a new variety of players. It also provides me with a once in a life time opportunity of representing my country in a sport”, Chris Town.

“It is a great achievement and something I never expected when I first started playing, and it gives me a great chance to learn  new techniques from players across the country”, Kallan Green.

“I now get to play with the best in the country so I can improve my game”, Alex Stephenson.

Raiders accepted onto England
Back Row: Carl Alsop (Head Coach), Kallan Green, Jack Brown (Assistant Coach), Front Row: Alex Stephenson, Chris Town




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