UOY VX Club Awarded YuFund Grant

With the change to the committee came a new aim to the university club, a look to the future and more independence. Currently the club loans several pieces of equipment, some from as far as the Scunthorpe Club, but with the club now set with some foundations they are looking to build up their equipment range and improve the training sessions as a whole.YuFund_Logo

The project itself aims to not only train the players in VX but also build up their core strength, stamina, agility and hand-eye coordination. Sessions looked to be restructured and allow for a multitude of different training environments. Heading the project is Secretary & previous President Jack Brown:

“The last two seasons has seen the club setting its feet onto the ground, trying new things, seeing what works and doesn’t work. Now we have a solid committee with different backgrounds suiting each role perfectly. With this structure and knowledge, next season will be better than ever. We have already seen the start of what could be a huge league at York (V2 League) and we have proven that our training and squad is beyond the target I personally set for V10 at the start of this season. This project of bringing in new equipment will benefit everyone, allow for more training areas to be targeted but also to improve our marketing possibilities. The people to thank for kick starting our project off are the Alumni of University of York and YuCall. They have been donating and raising funds to YuFund all year and our application for a grant was successful. £400 of their generosity has allowed us to not only hit our targets for next season early, but it will allow the club to grow in to what will be a sensational community to be part of.”

YuFund, part of Giving to York, is a pot fund that Alumni of the university donate to. This fund helps to fund sports clubs, societies and university projects, allowing them to produce better experiences for the students and the public involved.

The club wishes to massively thank YuCall staff, YuFund and most of all the Alumni that have made this possible. It’s a major help in the clubs development and will be one to always remember!


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