UOY VX Club to Hold ‘Give it a Go’ Session

With the university trying to increase the participation in sport, University of York VX Club decided to join in on the ‘Give it a Go’ session initiative, set up by the university. These types of sessions will allow students to try out different sports that they may not have tried otherwise. Essentially taster sessions. With VX being a relatively unknown sport to everyone, the club at the uni thought it would be a great opportunity to set up one of these sessions for students.

The session itself will be within one of the clubs main training sessions, on 25th October, but rather than focusing on the usual training and game play, the focus will be set on allowing anyone and everyone to come give the sport a go. The session is FREE of charge and all you have to do is turn up in comfortable clothing, you don’t mind sweating in, and non-marking trainers for the squash courts.  All the equipment you will need will be supplied by the club from the sticks to the goggles. You will be in safe hands too with experienced committee members monitoring and managing the session.

You might be thinking ‘Are all the club’s sessions open to any ability?’. Well the answer is yes. Even though the club is holding a ‘Give it a Go’ session this doesn’t mean new players can not just come and join in on a session at any point in the year. The club is welcoming to new players all year round and with a new structure to training this year, every ability will be catered for. With the coaches at the club developing and learning all the time, new techniques such as differentiation within the training will allow all players to progress further without anyone feeling out of their depth.

On top of this FREE session, the club is also offering a deal where every students first two sessions at the club are totally FREE too! So in theory students can get three sessions to try out the sport for FREE, getting a real feel for the atmosphere and environment the club has. Definitely not something to miss out on.

For more information on this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact the club via the contact page.


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