A New Kit For UOYVXC

A new year and a new kit supplier for the University of York. All this means is a complete new design for the Uni Club’s kit. Content as the committee was with the kit design last year, there were some flaws which they have made certain to address this year. To ensure this new design fits not only what the club wants but also fits the sport as well, the committee has spent many hours discussing materials, patterns, placements of logos and many more things, all to make this kit perfect! They have worked with Surridge, the new kit supplier for the uni, to crack down on the previous kits dislikes and produce a kit that is essentially made for the sport. Last years design was a simplistic one, not much detail to it and didn’t stand out too much. It was made of a quality material but had the issue of being too thick so wasn’t the most breathable and wasn’t flexible, so restricted movement.

The new kit on the other hand has been made of a flexible material to allow for the kit to bend and stretch with the players movement preventing this limitation the old one applied. It’s made of a special breathable material that will allow for greater dissipation of sweat and heat from the players bodies. Then finally the design. Rather than a simple design or going with the unified university kit, the committee chose a more unique design that not only looks good but adds that cherry on top of the great club spirit. Below is images of the new kit, the first set are only of the CAD images but as orders are taken in, these images will be replaced with physical photos of the club’s players wearing the fantastic new kit.

Founder of the club Jack Brown gave us a few words about the kit. “It’s a great new addition to the club this year, one of many that we have planned. I am beyond ecstatic with how it has turned out and it is a great example of what sort of quality decisions the new committee at the club can produce. Not only does it look amazing but the players are really excited to be playing as a club in the new kit. We do have plans of a friendly competition at the end of November this year, so I’m sure there will be some great photos of our players in action in it!”



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