CannonRose Trophy


With the university autumn term coming to an end, UOY VX had one last competition before the winter break. With recent relations between UOY and the Falkirk Cannons VX Club increasing, it was planned to begin an inaugural friendly competition.

The event its self provided a platform for both teams to challenge each other and have fun in both formats of the sport, V2 and V10. The pointing system was simple but gave a greater challenge. V10 points were awarded to the winners of each quarter whilst V2 was scored based on game final scores. 5 hrs in total of VX, all to walk away with the CannonRose Trophy.

Head Coach, Jack Brown, said ‘The event was one that would see our players experience VX competitively. Last year we hosted Easi-Rockits for a friendly V10 game and that was a huge success in allowing each player to gain valuable experience and knowledge of the V10 format. Cannons feature players with a vast range of playing styles, each having a unique skill. By combining competitive play with training, the ConnonRose Trophy came about, allowing both clubs to build the skills, experience and share knowledge required to excel in the sport.’

The day itself started off with UOY winning 3 out of the 4 quarters in the first V10 game. The final score only having 3 points in it, but unfortunately the game went to Cannons. UOY were certainly shocked at how close it was but clearly the Cannons just needed time to get into their comfort zone as they continued winning into the second game. Points for the cup after the V10, ended 5-3 to Cannons.

With UOY being a V2 based club, they were relying on their training to bring the upper hand to the Cannons. Experience soon showed as the Cannons took to marginal wins throughout the V2.

The final cup score ended 40-12 to Cannons.

Even with the loss, all the players for UOY were not disheartened, but thrilled at how well they did against such an established club. All the players thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were wowed at the level of play the Cannons presented. Certainly back at training, the players have taken so much information on board with a large increase in the level of play from all.

UOYVXC would like to put a special thanks out to the Cannons for hosting and organising a flawless event, and to everyone at the event for creating a friendly and enjoyable environment. UOY can’t wait for next year!


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