Committee 2016/2017

Last Sunday we held our Annual General Meeting. This provides the back bone for the year ahead as the club gathers to review the year just gone by and set the aims and improvements required for next year. Part of the AGM is the election of next years committee.

Heading into the club’s third year of being ratified, there is only a slight change to the layout of the committee going forwards. Since the inception of the club, four positions have been filled; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. With a more stable club present, it has been agreed to relinquish the Vice President role and replace it with Social Secretary. This new position will see more focus being applied to the social aspect of the club and allowing for more events and publicity for the club.

The meeting lasted nearly three hours, as present members helped with placing next years targets:

  • Increase the number and variety of sessions available
  • Improve publicity and social aspect of the club
  • Implement the sport into the college sport system at York
  • Re-establish the Internal V2 League

These targets are what the new committee have been set to provide the university club next year. As for the new committee itself, nearly a complete renewal of the team has been voted in, with previous committee members either finishing university or heading into their final years of study. As always, the sport of VX has provided another set of new talented faces to run the club, with the final voting finishing with the following line up:

  • President – Jack Brown
  • Treasurer – Matthew Farrow
  • Secretary – Ben Jackson
  • Social Sec – Laura Clancy

With such a strong team leading the club, next years review could see the club at a whole new level!

Before the end of the article, everyone at the University of York VX Club and most likely the Falkirk Cannons too, would like to thank Miro, Ørjan and Melissa for their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for the sport and the club. Without them, events such as the CannonRose Trophy would not be what it is today and the club would be very different if they had not taken up the chance to be part of it. Thank You!!