Committee 2016/2017

Last Sunday we held our Annual General Meeting. This provides the back bone for the year ahead as the club gathers to review the year just gone by and set the aims and improvements required for next year. Part of the AGM is the election of next years committee.

Heading into the club’s third year of being ratified, there is only a slight change to the layout of the committee going forwards. Since the inception of the club, four positions have been filled; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. With a more stable club present, it has been agreed to relinquish the Vice President role and replace it with Social Secretary. This new position will see more focus being applied to the social aspect of the club and allowing for more events and publicity for the club.

The meeting lasted nearly three hours, as present members helped with placing next years targets:

  • Increase the number and variety of sessions available
  • Improve publicity and social aspect of the club
  • Implement the sport into the college sport system at York
  • Re-establish the Internal V2 League

These targets are what the new committee have been set to provide the university club next year. As for the new committee itself, nearly a complete renewal of the team has been voted in, with previous committee members either finishing university or heading into their final years of study. As always, the sport of VX has provided another set of new talented faces to run the club, with the final voting finishing with the following line up:

  • President – Jack Brown
  • Treasurer – Matthew Farrow
  • Secretary – Ben Jackson
  • Social Sec – Laura Clancy

With such a strong team leading the club, next years review could see the club at a whole new level!

Before the end of the article, everyone at the University of York VX Club and most likely the Falkirk Cannons too, would like to thank Miro, Ørjan and Melissa for their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for the sport and the club. Without them, events such as the CannonRose Trophy would not be what it is today and the club would be very different if they had not taken up the chance to be part of it. Thank You!!


CannonRose – February 2016

Over the last year, UOY VX Club and Falkirk Cannons have been building on their friendship. A positive outcome of this has been the CannonRose Trophy. This event is a bi-annual event which allows both clubs to pit their players against each other in a friendly competition. Both formats of the sport, V10 (Team) and V2 (Singles), is played throughout the day. Points are awarded for victory in each format. This is a great event and opportunity for UOY VX Club, with the Falkirk Cannons being the most prestigious club in Scotland.

The 13th February saw UOY host the CannonRose Trophy for first time, with the view to get their name on there for the first time too. The day started at 10am with the starting format being V10. With some of York’s players having no experience with the format, Cannons had the advantage from the get go. The previous encounter saw UOY win the first three quarters of V10 but it was evident the Cannons had something to prove this time around. The first quarter saw Falkirk Cannons take the lead by 41 points but they didn’t slow the pace down. They came out at half time 81 points in the lead. York had a deep talk at half time and soon settled into the game coming out to win the 3rd quarter but were still behind by 56 points. Although it was too late by that point, York began to show their colours, but it was not enough to bring back the deficit from the first half. The game ended Falkirk Cannons 294 – 223 University of York.

After the V10 game, the two clubs mixed the teams and played friendly games to build each other’s skills and experience in the format. Overall it was a great morning for York having come so close the top club in Scotland.

The afternoon was nearly all Black and Gold, with York starting strong in the V2. Many of the York players were winning their games, some for the first time. Unfortunately the experience and stamina of Falkirk’s players overcame York and ended with Falkirk taking the most points in V2.

At the end of the day, Falkirk won the CannonRose Trophy for the second time with an overall competition score 27-19. A good day all round and one that shows a great improvement in York from the last meeting between the two clubs. With more determination to win, York are aiming for their name on the trophy in November. #YorkIsBlack&Gold

CannonRose Trophy


With the university autumn term coming to an end, UOY VX had one last competition before the winter break. With recent relations between UOY and the Falkirk Cannons VX Club increasing, it was planned to begin an inaugural friendly competition.

The event its self provided a platform for both teams to challenge each other and have fun in both formats of the sport, V2 and V10. The pointing system was simple but gave a greater challenge. V10 points were awarded to the winners of each quarter whilst V2 was scored based on game final scores. 5 hrs in total of VX, all to walk away with the CannonRose Trophy.

Head Coach, Jack Brown, said ‘The event was one that would see our players experience VX competitively. Last year we hosted Easi-Rockits for a friendly V10 game and that was a huge success in allowing each player to gain valuable experience and knowledge of the V10 format. Cannons feature players with a vast range of playing styles, each having a unique skill. By combining competitive play with training, the ConnonRose Trophy came about, allowing both clubs to build the skills, experience and share knowledge required to excel in the sport.’

The day itself started off with UOY winning 3 out of the 4 quarters in the first V10 game. The final score only having 3 points in it, but unfortunately the game went to Cannons. UOY were certainly shocked at how close it was but clearly the Cannons just needed time to get into their comfort zone as they continued winning into the second game. Points for the cup after the V10, ended 5-3 to Cannons.

With UOY being a V2 based club, they were relying on their training to bring the upper hand to the Cannons. Experience soon showed as the Cannons took to marginal wins throughout the V2.

The final cup score ended 40-12 to Cannons.

Even with the loss, all the players for UOY were not disheartened, but thrilled at how well they did against such an established club. All the players thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were wowed at the level of play the Cannons presented. Certainly back at training, the players have taken so much information on board with a large increase in the level of play from all.

UOYVXC would like to put a special thanks out to the Cannons for hosting and organising a flawless event, and to everyone at the event for creating a friendly and enjoyable environment. UOY can’t wait for next year!

A New Kit For UOYVXC

A new year and a new kit supplier for the University of York. All this means is a complete new design for the Uni Club’s kit. Content as the committee was with the kit design last year, there were some flaws which they have made certain to address this year. To ensure this new design fits not only what the club wants but also fits the sport as well, the committee has spent many hours discussing materials, patterns, placements of logos and many more things, all to make this kit perfect! They have worked with Surridge, the new kit supplier for the uni, to crack down on the previous kits dislikes and produce a kit that is essentially made for the sport. Last years design was a simplistic one, not much detail to it and didn’t stand out too much. It was made of a quality material but had the issue of being too thick so wasn’t the most breathable and wasn’t flexible, so restricted movement.

The new kit on the other hand has been made of a flexible material to allow for the kit to bend and stretch with the players movement preventing this limitation the old one applied. It’s made of a special breathable material that will allow for greater dissipation of sweat and heat from the players bodies. Then finally the design. Rather than a simple design or going with the unified university kit, the committee chose a more unique design that not only looks good but adds that cherry on top of the great club spirit. Below is images of the new kit, the first set are only of the CAD images but as orders are taken in, these images will be replaced with physical photos of the club’s players wearing the fantastic new kit.

Founder of the club Jack Brown gave us a few words about the kit. “It’s a great new addition to the club this year, one of many that we have planned. I am beyond ecstatic with how it has turned out and it is a great example of what sort of quality decisions the new committee at the club can produce. Not only does it look amazing but the players are really excited to be playing as a club in the new kit. We do have plans of a friendly competition at the end of November this year, so I’m sure there will be some great photos of our players in action in it!”


UOY VX Club to Hold ‘Give it a Go’ Session

With the university trying to increase the participation in sport, University of York VX Club decided to join in on the ‘Give it a Go’ session initiative, set up by the university. These types of sessions will allow students to try out different sports that they may not have tried otherwise. Essentially taster sessions. With VX being a relatively unknown sport to everyone, the club at the uni thought it would be a great opportunity to set up one of these sessions for students.

The session itself will be within one of the clubs main training sessions, on 25th October, but rather than focusing on the usual training and game play, the focus will be set on allowing anyone and everyone to come give the sport a go. The session is FREE of charge and all you have to do is turn up in comfortable clothing, you don’t mind sweating in, and non-marking trainers for the squash courts.  All the equipment you will need will be supplied by the club from the sticks to the goggles. You will be in safe hands too with experienced committee members monitoring and managing the session.

You might be thinking ‘Are all the club’s sessions open to any ability?’. Well the answer is yes. Even though the club is holding a ‘Give it a Go’ session this doesn’t mean new players can not just come and join in on a session at any point in the year. The club is welcoming to new players all year round and with a new structure to training this year, every ability will be catered for. With the coaches at the club developing and learning all the time, new techniques such as differentiation within the training will allow all players to progress further without anyone feeling out of their depth.

On top of this FREE session, the club is also offering a deal where every students first two sessions at the club are totally FREE too! So in theory students can get three sessions to try out the sport for FREE, getting a real feel for the atmosphere and environment the club has. Definitely not something to miss out on.

For more information on this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact the club via the contact page.

National Knockout Success For York

Every June the annual VX Festival is ran at the national center of excellence in Ripon. This event is one of the largest of the year containing competition for Seniors, Juniors, Imps and Cadets. As you can already probably tell there are a lot of players at this event and lots of action to spectate on, making one of the best events to attend throughout the season. The events within the festival names are: Imps/Cadets V4, Junior V4, Junior V10 and Senior V10. The later being the focus of the clubs at York.

The York VX Club was able to produce a team for the event this year, similar to one of 2 years ago, in the sense of it being a combined York Team. Both Phoenix and Raiders fought side by side this year with a 7 man strong team looking for the 3rd year in a row of winning the Senior event here. With only two games to play with a knockout format, every match, every quarter, every second mattered to each player as they battled it out against Scunthorpe, Easi-Rockits and Ripon.

From the start of the event, Ripon had to forfeit their matches. Having players drop out at the last minute, what would have been a team to watch and a high contender for the title was left in the mist, only playing friendly games to full fill the fixture slots. This had meant that Easi-Rockits had a straight road to the final with their first game being Ripon. With this in mind, the very first teams onto the court, Scunthorpe vs York, were more determined than ever to make sure they would make it to the final and what a game it was.

National Knockout Champions 2015 (York)
From Left to Right: Eric Clark (Event GoH), Scott Snowdon, Chris Town, Kallan Green, Jack Brown, Alex Stephenson, Liam Dyson, Max Renshaw. Image Taken by VX International

With Head Coach Carl Alsop unable to attend the event, assistant coaches Scott Snowdon and Jack Brown took the helm of the mixed squad for York. Scunthorpe had turned up to the event with what looked and soon to prove to be one hell of a strong team. With 8 players, each with their own unique set of skills, this was most certainly not a team that would go down without a fight. From the off it was intense and the mixed team of York struggled at first to get into their usual groove of power play. Scunthorpe played a very controlled game, making sure they retrieved every ball they through making it near impossible for the York team to get possession back. The first quarter finished with only about 10 points between the teams, with York in the lead. The second quarter saw the same display, only Scunthorpe began to bring back the deficit. York looked to have an intense half time talk and came out looking far stronger. Scunthorpe unable to cope with the new found pace and gel of the York team, struggled to hold their close points difference. The final quarter mimicked the third ending the game with York having a rough 20 point lead. After the game the York players agreed that Scunthorpe had been their hardest game all season.

York had a long wait between their first game and the final against Easi. A lot more confident against their local rivals, York went into the game more relaxed, know the weaknesses and tactics of the team that stood before them. The game was fast and great to spectate with lots of individual intense battles sprouting all over the court. York were confident at the start and had every right to be ending the game with over a 100 point difference. A well deserved win of the event.

Spectating the York squad you could really see that they had stepped up their game. The raiders players adapted massively to the Phoenix type tactics and brought a whole new level of skill to their game. The Phoenix players created an automatic bond with the Raiders players and the squad as a whole looked as though they played as a team in every event.

Overall it was a great day and a fantastic day for York, winning the National Knockout for the 3rd year running. A great mention at the end of the event was to Alex Stephenson who came runner up in the Player of the Tournament award. Well done Alex, your efforts and recent performances are really making an impact.

UOY VX Club Awarded YuFund Grant

With the change to the committee came a new aim to the university club, a look to the future and more independence. Currently the club loans several pieces of equipment, some from as far as the Scunthorpe Club, but with the club now set with some foundations they are looking to build up their equipment range and improve the training sessions as a whole.YuFund_Logo

The project itself aims to not only train the players in VX but also build up their core strength, stamina, agility and hand-eye coordination. Sessions looked to be restructured and allow for a multitude of different training environments. Heading the project is Secretary & previous President Jack Brown:

“The last two seasons has seen the club setting its feet onto the ground, trying new things, seeing what works and doesn’t work. Now we have a solid committee with different backgrounds suiting each role perfectly. With this structure and knowledge, next season will be better than ever. We have already seen the start of what could be a huge league at York (V2 League) and we have proven that our training and squad is beyond the target I personally set for V10 at the start of this season. This project of bringing in new equipment will benefit everyone, allow for more training areas to be targeted but also to improve our marketing possibilities. The people to thank for kick starting our project off are the Alumni of University of York and YuCall. They have been donating and raising funds to YuFund all year and our application for a grant was successful. £400 of their generosity has allowed us to not only hit our targets for next season early, but it will allow the club to grow in to what will be a sensational community to be part of.”

YuFund, part of Giving to York, is a pot fund that Alumni of the university donate to. This fund helps to fund sports clubs, societies and university projects, allowing them to produce better experiences for the students and the public involved.

The club wishes to massively thank YuCall staff, YuFund and most of all the Alumni that have made this possible. It’s a major help in the clubs development and will be one to always remember!

University of York VX Club 2015/2016 Committee

Over the last few months the club has had several meetings, one of which was the clubs AGM. Many points were covered during this meeting, making an action plan for next year being the main one, but also deciding on who has what role within the club ready for next season. Only a subtle change has happened with the new addition to the team Miro taking the lead role and Jack taking secretary.

  • President: Miro Plückebaum
  • Vice President: Ørjan Holm
  • Treasurer: Melissa McKeon
  • Secretary: Jack Brown

With such a strong committee and a decent action plan to progress the club further, next season could be one that the club will always remember.

Raiders Players Accepted onto England Programme

Recently three York Raiders players had been invited to attend one of the trial days for the England Training Programme. The day required them to participate in drills, fitness tests and skills/attitude assessments to evaluate them. Their display of great skills, tactical knowledge and outstanding attitude towards learning, has landed them this opportunity and acceptance onto this prestigious programme. Everyone at the club is delighted to see Chris, Kallan and Alex progress up the levels within the sport and hope their drive for the sport takes them even further.

The lads had this to say about their achievement and what being part of this programme will let them do:

“Being part of the England squad allows me to learn at an increased rate and play with a new variety of players. It also provides me with a once in a life time opportunity of representing my country in a sport”, Chris Town.

“It is a great achievement and something I never expected when I first started playing, and it gives me a great chance to learn  new techniques from players across the country”, Kallan Green.

“I now get to play with the best in the country so I can improve my game”, Alex Stephenson.

Raiders accepted onto England
Back Row: Carl Alsop (Head Coach), Kallan Green, Jack Brown (Assistant Coach), Front Row: Alex Stephenson, Chris Town



UOY VX Club Wins First V10 Game

On Saturday 21st February, UOY VX Club took the decision to play their very first V10 game against another club. This club was Easi-Rockits. One of the longest running clubs in the area, Easi have seen ups and downs in their history. Previously one of the best teams in the UK, sweeping all the trophies available, but now currently under rebuild after losing selected players as they went off to university. Even with this, the clubs team are regarded as one not to be under estimate. Their squad holds some of the most experienced players in the sport and with a good playing structure, they are not easy to get points against.

UOYVXC have been training all year within the V10 format, having grown in numbers and looking for a new challenge. Creating a strong core squad of 6 players, Head Coach Jack Brown made the arrangements for the test against Easi. On the day, UOY were down by one player giving them no subs and Easi turned up with a strong 6 player squad, including some guest stars within the sport. James Hasindihe (CEO VX Uganda) and Gerald Kanyesigye (Head Coach of the Ugandan National Squad). Both teams didn’t know what to expect of each other,  but all the more, both sides wanted to win.

Each side lined up for the start, Easi in their Blue and White HellDivers kit and UOY in classic Black, Team James tops. The balls were set up and the game began!

The game set a high pace right from the start, possession switching sides quickly throughout the first quarter. UOY quickly adapted to the oppositions game play and ended the quarter on a high as they took the lead. Looking rather tired, UOY set straight back up to the line ready for the second leg. With a more comfortable look on UOY faces, the whistle went and once again they were off. UOY using the same tactics again for the second quarter, showing a great tactic of splitting the team up into a pair and a 3. At the end of the second quarter UOY still held the lead but didn’t progress much further in difference. UOY look rather tired lined up again, Head Coach Jack gave a team talk, some stern advice from the looks of his facial expressions. The whistle went and the third quarter was off and Easi took control quickly! The whole quarter Easi had UOY on their back foot, there really was no display of attacking from UOY, poor decision making from the Head Coach to change the tactics. The quarter ended with only a 1 point difference now, but UOY still held the lead. A surprise, tired and highly motivated UOY lined up once more. Jack giving some of the players a right grilling. Out the players went again and what a final quarter. UOY giving everything they had. A few calls of penalties with challenges towards the ref, this quarter didn’t half heat up. Both sides looking strong and out to win but too close to call who would take the win at the time. The final whistle went. All the players shook hands and showed their respect for one another. It was one hell of a game. They all gathered round the ref to hear the final scores……..UOY had taken it by 3 points, what an achievement.

Head Coach Jack was over the moon with the game “The win today just shows how hard each of the players have trained this year, especially with most of the players on the team having only been playing the sport for a year or less. they all gave their best effort and came away with the result that most of us was unsure we would get. As their coach, I’m really proud of all the players and I’m over the moon with the result!!”

Vice President and player Orjan Holm had this to say “As the bad loser that I am, I’m glad that we won. Some of our players have only had 15 sessions, so this makes this quite a big achievement against such an experienced club as Easi-Rockits. My congratulations to our Head Coach Jack Brown, for being able to bring the team up to such a high standard in such a short time.”

Local Newspaper York Vision were present at the game and wrote their own match report, which is a must read! Read Here