CannonRose Trophy

The CannonRose Trophy is the first regular event UOYVXC has become part of. Initially started in 2015 by York and Falkirk, the event now experiences more than 25 players attending and competing in the friendly competition.

The formats played on the day are V10 & V2 allowing a large range of experiences for all players.

The aim of this event is to continue to grow in size and provide a friendly environment for players to make friends between clubs in VX. This event currently includes three clubs, UOYVXC, Falkirk Cannons VX Club and Scunthorpe VX Club. Below is the results from the event so far:

CannonRose Trophy November 2016
CannonRose Trophy November 2016

February 2017 [York]:

1st: Scunthorpe – 40 points

2nd: Falkirk Cannons – 37 points

3rd: University of York – 6 points

November 2016 [Falkirk]:

1st: Scunthorpe – 43 points

2nd: Falkirk Cannons – 31 points

3rd: University of York – 3 points

**Scunthorpe VX Club Invited into CannonRose**

February 2016 [York]:

Winners: Falkirk Cannons VX Club

Falkirk 27 – 19 York

November 2015 [Falkirk]:

Winners: Falkirk Cannons VX Club

Falkirk 40 – 12 York


Falkirk – Robyn Taylor & Aimee Caldwell

York – Ranjeet Shahi & Miro Plückebaum