Membership Information

The club revolves around inclusiveness, keeping our doors open to everyone and anyone. There are NO trials at the club so if you wish to be a member and to be part of VX, you will be welcomed with open arms. We feel that everyone should be able to represent the university within sport at their time at York, therefore we have no selection process for competitions, only that you wish to play. We want to emphasis too that our club doors are always open for new members, whether you’ve played before or not, you can join or try VX anytime of the year at any of our Core Sessions.


Club – £10 per academic year

AU Fee – £20 per academic year

Club membership fee’s can be paid here online.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to the club’s core sessions
  • Access to the club’s equipment anytime
  • Access to highly qualified coaches
  • Ability to represent the University in the sport of VX
  • Access to our club trips
  • Access to the University of York V2 League
  • Access to the CannonRose Trophy
  • Access to the VX College Cup (New to 2018)

CannonRose Trophy