Training Information


Core Training:

Main Focus: V2 & V10 formats.

Session Notice: Sessions start Thursday 7th October

Training Sessions
Day Training Time Location
Thursday V2 7:20pm – 9:20pm Sports Centre, Squash Courts 3 & 4
Sunday V2 2pm – 4pm Sports Centre, Squash Courts 3 & 4

What You Need: All equipment for the sport is provided by the club so all you need is yourself and water at a minimum. Small towels are preferable as you will sweat a lot! We do ask that players wear non-marking sole shoes to ensure the squash courts do not get damaged whilst we play (these tend to be light coloured soles). If you are unsure if your shoes are non-marking, our coaches know a technique to check at the session.

What To Expect: Upon arrival the club meets on the squash court balcony and there is usually our club banners up so you’ll know who we are. All of our members are friendly and welcoming so if you can’t find any of the committee, anyone there will be able to help point you in the right direction. Our sessions are usually split up into two halves. Firstly, our coaches will do some coaching for the first hour and then the second hour is used for playing normal games. After the session on a Thursday, some of our members will go for a social in courtyard for an hour or two and everyone is welcome to join.

All sessions do take place in a public facility so we do advise that any valuables that are brought to the session are at your own risk. Lockers are available in the changing rooms but may require the old £1 coin to be used (not sure on the price of the lockers).

Extra Training:

We do hold extra training sessions outside of the normal core hours system. We do try our best to subsidise the cost of these sessions but they do usually come with a small fee. We regularly go training in V10 & V2 with the Scunthorpe Club on a weekend, especially on the run up to the CannonRose Trophy. This sort of trip does have a small fee which is to just cover the cost of the hall hire and the travel cost of the team. Other extra sessions, like hiring out the arena at the university, we tend to be able to get within our core hours so is included in your membership fee.


Head Coach: Jack Brown

V10 Captain: Matthew Farrow


University of York VX Club will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items.

For more information come along to a session or contact us on our contacts page.