What is VX?


VX is a ball sport from the UK. It evolved in North Yorkshire (Great Britain) and was launched in February 2006 under a different guise. The sport was continually developed by the International Federation and in 2012 the Federation approved a move by the worldwide membership to rename the sport VX to cater for its international development.

VX has continued to be popular in schools in the UK  and is now being adopted by universities, colleges, youth organisations, Street Games and the military.

VX is one of the few sports where male and female players compete on an equal basis. It is also accessible to players of all abilities. It is not an adaptation of any single sport however there are elements of several sports including dodgeball, lacrosse, basque pelota and hockey.

(Example of V2 format gameplay taken from Falkirk Cannons VX Club Youtube channel)


VX (V10) is played by two teams of five players. The court is roughly the size of a sports hall with four badminton courts. In the USA, basketball courts are used. Each player uses a VX Stick. This is made up of a control bar and a thrower/catcher at each end. Players are not restricted to a certain area but can go anywhere on court. They must dribble by rocking the ball between the two ends, or by using one end of the VX Stick to bounce the ball on the floor. Five balls are in play. One point is scored by hitting an opponent with the ball between the shoulders and the feet. Three points are scored by catching an opponent’s thrown ball or by catching a ball that has touched the opponents VX Stick before hitting the floor. When a player is hit (s)he must stand still, raise a hand and look to the referee. The referee records the point and tells the player to play on. The referee is assisted by two umpires positioned on the opposite side of the court. The role of the umpires is simply to look for infringements. All infringements incur a three-point penalty. Violence results in ejection from the game and disciplinary action. Examples of infringements are:

  • A player fails to acknowledge a strike.
  • Fishing (this refers to picking up a ball or covering a ball while waiting to play on after being hit)
  • Travelling, ie not dribbling. A player can take two steps and then must dribble.
  • Striking. A player is not allowed to strike either the ball or another player with the VX Stick.
  • Illegal bodily contact – for example deliberately barging into an opponent.
  • Knocking the ball out of an opponent’s VX Stick.
  • Swearing
    Formal matches consists of four quarters each of which lasts four minutes.


There are three main formats to the sport of VX:

V2 is played by two players on a squash court with three balls. This version is possibly the most intense of the official versions. A game lasts for two halves of four minutes each.

V4 is also played on a squash court and is played 2v2 with four balls. A game lasts for two halves of four minutes each.

V10 (VX) is the full team version of the sport consisting of two teams of 5 players, with 5 balls, playing on an area roughly the size of a basketball court.